November, 2016
With only one boat and 4 people, it wasn't exactly a Fleet ...... but we enjoyed the trip.
We departed Marathon on Wednesday the 23rd, just prior to Thanksgiving, and went counterclockwise around the lower Keys. The way the winds were supposed to pick up we wanted to take them off our bow on the trip back to Marathon, and this worked out fairly well. Instead of taking Big Spanish Channel down by Big Pine, we just went directly out in the Gulf from Marathon.
We were rewarded on our trip straight out into the Gulf with calm seas (most of the way anyway), pods of dolphis swimming off the bow, and even a large sea turtle.

Our overnight stop was to wind our way into the anchorage at Johnston Key. The sunset was great and stars out that night spectacular.
Thursday morning was Thanksgiving, and leaving the anchorage to head down to Key West was a bit rougher as the winds picked up (the tiny ship was tossed .......) We came into Galleon Marina in Key West mid afternoon.
MV Stowaway, Greg & Lisa Absten, shown at right at Galleon Marina.
Our friends from Columbus Ohio, John and Holly (left), joined us for the week in the Keys and this cruise.

They must have REALLY liked it. John is now shopping around for restaurants or motels in Marathon to buy so that they can move down here! They're even checking out buying a Trawler to live on in Marathon. I think I can see the next members of the Marathon Sail and Power Squadron, and the Marathon Yacht Club.

We departed Key West on Saturday Nov 26th (Greg's Birthday) so that we could beat the weather and high winds moving in on Sunday, and made an all day trek back to Marathon.

We can now say that we've CIRCUMNAVIGATED!
(At least the lower Keys).

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