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Loyal Eldridge, 2017 MYC Fleet Captainloyaleldri@gmail.com

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This is NOT the MYC main website. Go to www.MarathonYachtClub.com for that website. Here we'll try to keep it short and sweet but use it to post more detailed information and resources on our upcoming boating and fun fleet land cruises, plus an electronic signup form (there will still be the paper one hanging in the club - but encourage everyone to switch over to online registration).

The Cruises and Resources page will have some detailed information on cruising locations and planned trips. I'll also post some of the information up here on Cruising to Cuba as well.

Use the "Sign Up" page to make it easy to sign up for our boating and land cruises. You can still use the paper one in the club, but this is easier and faster.
Info for Boating & Land Cruise Activities
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