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(A department of the U.S. TREASURY Dept.)

Please note that this is NOT an official US Government site. Here I'm sharing information with you that I've learned myself, about traveling to Cuba. It is up to you to verify this information and ensure that it is still current. You can go to the Commerce Department site at .

Commerce Dept Form BIS-748P "Multipurpose Application Form" Instructions Only: Click to open this .PDF file. This (or alternatively the BXA-748P form - same form) are used to cover your boat when you engaged in licensed travel to Cuba. When you click on this it will take you to a page with more explanation. The form itself is not posted here, only the instructions, because you must request it directly from the commerce department - it comes as a triplicate form - and it must be typed and mailed back in. This is current as of June 2004 and it is not available online from the commerce department. Call them at 202-482-4811 to request the form. The BIS is the Bureau of Industry Security and the BXA is the Bureau of Export Administration. They are both in the Commerce Department and both can send you forms. I'm not quite clear on what the difference is between them, and I get the impression there is a bit of "competition" between the two departments.

I spoke with Phil in the Commerce Department on June 16, 2004 about filling out this form and here's what I found out, section by section on the form. I've not included anything about the obvious sections (like your name and address).:

If your organization already has a commerce department export license (The BIS or BXA 748P) then the best and easiest thing to do is request an application form for an addendum to your license. You then just add your vessel to the original license. If you don't have a license already you can submit this specifically for your boat. My remarks here, from my conversation with Phil, are limited to just submitting the form for a boat. Click on the link above to read the actual instructions, block by block, but here are my notes referenced against the appropriate block, on what to fill in.

5.                   EXPORT

6.                   Letter of Explanation optional, but maybe helpful, not too much info. I suggested just stating this was a humanitarian trip under license and give the license number, and he though this was OK. You might also mention that this is an individual rather than corporate application so that no EIN is included in section 14.

7.                   NA






13.NA Dont even have to list Cuba. I asked him.

15.NA unless you want to send the license to someone else



18. The Ultimate Consignee is your Boat Name, in Care of Marina Hemingway. (This assumes you're going in to Hemingway just West of Havana. If not then list where you are going. The address info is:

  Marina Hemingway
  248 y 5ta Avenida
  Santa Fe Playa, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba
  Tel: (53 7) 29 7270,

19. End-User:  You, in Care of Marina Hemingway at the above address (or wherever you are).


21. Didnt discuss this with him, but what Im putting in is: Use of the Vessel Boat Name to transport humanitarian & other commerce department licensed exports to Cuba, in conjunction with proper OFAC & Commerce Dept. licenses. Vessel to return to the U.S. (This is the specific use section so put in what is appropriate for you)

22a. ECCN # for a boat is 8A992

22b. NA

22c. Model # - Im putting the model of my boat

22d. NA

22e. quantity of 1

22f. units: 1

22g. unit price list value of your boat

22h. total price same

22i. manufacturer (of your boat)

22j. Technical description Im listing the specs on my boat and its federal documentation number, as in: A 19xx xxxxx  Boat manufactured by xxxxxx of xxxxxx. USCG Federal Documentation # xxxxxx. Specifications: xx length, xx' beam, x draft, Flush Deck MotorYacht.

23. Total value same as listed in 22g

24. Optional additional information. I discussed with him just listing the current BXA export and OFAC license #s for clarification to help eliminate any questions. He was kind of lukewarm and didnt think it would matter, but wouldnt make any difference if we included it. Im including it. Im also including my customs sticker number for the heck of it. dont want them to say they dont have enough info.

The address for delivery by courier is listed in the instructions on the form.

Does anyone even have a typewriter anymore?? They require it to be typed with a certain PICA size. The hardest part of this application is trying to find a typewriter now a days.

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